Signage for aluminum - needs to be removable

Hello all! I have a customer that needs a sign to display on a truck. Where this sign will go is aluminum so a magnet wont work. It is a "Now Hiring" sign so they want to be able to take it off when they are done hiring and also be able to put it on other trucks. (they have several).
Any suggestions on what I could use?



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Sheet metal screws:ROFLMAO:

No, seriously, if they are driving this thing around you can do toneau cover buttons, wait, I already know "...but they want it cheeeeep!"
Sign or decal? both lol
It will be a "NOW HIRING" sign for the truck. His first thought was a magnet.... nope, wont stick to the aluminum sides. They want the best of all worlds. They only want 5 (like I said they have way more trucks then that) and want to be able to swap them out on the different trucks. I suggested vinyl but again nothing permenant. GEEZ! CUSTOMERS! I TELL YA! :banghead:
We use Phototex for similar jobs. Print and die-cut and then we roll on some clearstar liquid laminate before weeding. We have had very good response from this and we sell it instead of magnets around 75% of the time.
We get ours from Fellers. Many places have it though. If it needs to be contour cut, make sure you have a few sharp 60 degree blades on hand.