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sort of new guy from O H .. I O


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I signed up for the forum a while back and fortunately/unfortunately have been busy setting up new shop to get back and be involved.

Short story... was laid off last October from a commercial print shop, was contacted by a vendor/customer/friend that was looking to retire from the sign business and lo and behold here I am owner of my own business... gulp! Have been in the graphics industry for 20 odd years (screen-printing, offset printing, digital printing, and actually worked for a sign supplier for a while as a Gerber tech) from what I've seen on the forums there are a lot of great ideas being shared and I look forward to participating where I can.

Well, back to work... have kids to feed!


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darn straight O-H ...as long as you hate it when announcers call him "Beanie" Wells then you're ok in my book!