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Does anyone know where to find this specific sign post? As you can see it has spaced holes for the sign, but the big draw is the rider on top. You can screw down the clamps and it works so much better than a slot.



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I have one right now on my front lawn. Century 21 has our white house for rent. However, there's is yellow.

The thing is a piece of total crapolla !!


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This one seems to stand up pretty well according to customer. She bought one of the "standard" posts like this and the rider wobbles in the breeze...

Just talked to Century - they don't make the specific one I'm looking for anymore, but the one you posted should work - thanks!


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the one from Grimco has the cap you got

the bottom of it however, you could make different size signs, but it don't have a snakeeye screw in hook like what you have pictured. It was different if you can see form the pic.

It came with an insert for in the ground also


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I'm going to have to change out the cap on the Century one, but the rider brackets are the big thing over the others I've seen. Grimco's has a ridge doesn't it? She doesn't like those...


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i just received 15 look-a-likes, it has 2 slots in the cross arm with 2 thumb srews...

we use a lot of these.... do you think i can remember who i got them from, no....

i must be getting old.... can get you the info. on sat. when i get back to the shop...

if you wish.........