Starting a new business in the uk

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Hi My name is Jordan Fielder and i live in the UK, I am currently working in the print and design Industry but i am in process of setting up a business printing motocross graphic kits.

But there are few hurdles i need to cross before i can get started and i was wondering whether you guys could help me?

1. What is the best design softwhere to use?? I am currently using Adobe illustrator CS3.

2. what is the best quality cost effective way of printing & Laminating the graphics?

3. What is the best machinery you recommend to carry out the Job

4.What materials do you recommend? i know that the convex vinlys are very good but i am not sure if i can get them in the uk.

If there is a better section of this forum to post this in then can you point me in the right direction

Thanks for your time

Jordan Fielder :smile:


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Jordan, you will get a lot of info here about how to do this and what to use, but you may get more pertinant buying info by visitng here
Either way, it's all good.


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The self-employment bug bites again.
Congrats on your new venture, it sounds like you are just starting?

Keep your overheads low while you build your business. Outsource to experts until you have the throughput. Its by far the best way to get started, particularly if you are the designer/salesman too. Sales and good designs are the priority.

Adobe illustrator and photoshop are perfect for what you need to do.

When you have established the front end of your business start fiddling with the production end. Many designer/businessmen never need to get into production and don't need to pile on the overheads...particularly in the current markets.