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sticker making business idea


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i was thinking of starting a sticker making business. what kind of equuipment would i need to make any kind of sticker someone might want?


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If you are just going to be making stickers get set up in screen printing. If on the other hand you want to make signs you'd better be prepared to invest a lot of time and about $5000. minimum to get started...is it stickers or signs you where interested in getting into?


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This is a basic question to ask here that is talked about every day. Please start your quest by looking through archives here. There are many answers and not all people will have the same answer for you....


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screen printing is the best
but mostly for the larger quantities
then you need some sort of cutter and maybe a die cutter
best bet is to go digital w/ a plotter (gerber edge and or roland)
alot of things involved here
what equipment do you have now


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To me, making "stickers" is a commodity market and not a custom market like vehicle graphics and signs. In this regard, you'll be competing with the lowest price for any given application, someplace I care to never go with my business. In the 4+ years I've been at this, there's only been a handful of jobs I've done for a large qty of decals/stickers. This just isn't the market I care to be in, but if that's your thing, go for it. If you really want to be able to compete, it will likely be with screen printing as has been expressed already. Sure, you can do it with a digital printer, but they really aren't going to be able to compete price-wise with a good screen printer.


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thank you Shovelhead I agree 100% but if you want to be able to make "any kind of STICKER" I cringe just typing that word, as you asked. Prepare to spend a nice chunk of money on a very large variety of equipment and supplies