Stitch em up -Tutorial


I had a member send me an email asking for a method to stitching quickly. Having never done it before I figured I would toy with it and see what I could come up with. As with anything, there are many ways to achieve an effect. That being said, I hope this give a little insight to the tools being this case the star is the blend tool.

We start out with our item we want to have this case its a text line converted to curves made fairly small for some effects I might add later...scale is handy here for production aspects later on.

Next we use the Bezier Tool to draw ourselves a basic stitch. The key to this how Corel uses oulined objects in reguards to the blend tool. So after I make my stitch I go to outline properties and make everything nice and round.

I then rotate and place my stitch on the letter as I would want it to look. I copy the stitch and move it to a different part of the letter, again rotating it. With both stiches selected I go to my blend flyout. At the top left of my screen I will use the preset straight 20. This gives us the start of our stitch blend. From here we go to path properties and select New path. This will give us an Apply arrow which we select our textline.

We are now on the home stretch. You can see that the stiches look odd and sparse, so we go to Misc Blend Options and select Blend along full path(which will add stitches all through the oject) as well as Rotate All Objects. After this we can see the stitches throughout the text line but we hardly have we add more. I chose 250 for this line and it looked pretty good. you can add more or less till you get the number your after.

You have now made a quick and easy stitch...I took it a bit further with some effects to get the look I wanted. The overall time for this was about 5 mins for the basic stitch and 10 mins to replicate and put some little touches. Hope this helps and if you have any question by all means feel free to ask.


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Air Art Girl

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thanks Aaron. I did it a bit different so it had a more zig zag stitch look but I think I will try it with your method


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Do you think this effect would be a good use for an artistic brush....
Draw the stitch pattern, then the outline?


yes and could generate and save a complete stitch and spray it out..but getting it splayed around an object would take more time...the goal here was to create the effect quickly.