Suggestions for practicing and learning


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I just bought a Graphtec CE5000 cutter for personal use. Looking forward to getting it setup and running soon.

What vinyl do you experienced folks recommend I use as I learn the operation of the machine and software and start to build my installation experience.

My question is for practicing and such will using a calendered film to learn on screw me up when I move up to a higher quality cast product later?

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3m and Oracal are tried and true products. If you you looking for cheap intermediate films I would go with some oracal 651, lg viziuon 4000 or 6000, or shinerite. You can purchase them just about anywhere. I recommend or There are a few differences in calendered and cast (HP) films. Calendered is thicker that HP film. The weeding and application techniques vary a little, but you shouldnt have much trouble switching from one to the other with a little practice. Just remember if its going outside for an extended period or the vinyl will have to conform to curved surfaces make sure you use HP film. At least you got a good plotter to start with. Many people make the mistake of getting a cheap chinese cutter. Big No-No. Good Luck!


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Switching wont hurt you a bit later on. If you are just doing things for you self and friends the Oracal 651 is a good choice to start with. Lots of colors weeds good and can be used for lots of things from car numbers to banners.
I may have some 651 that I could make you a good deal on.


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For practicing and learning....why not pen-plot using paper. It's a whole lot cheaper!