Tampa Fellers - NOT sewing banners anymore - WTH


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With no notice from fellers, the Tampa warehouse abruptly ended its sewing of banners. Did anybody know of this ? It would of been nice to have been told in advance ..


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It's becoming common for all Fellers, a few have talked about it here :( We hem-tape or use a local shop for a true hem after we print/apply.


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They have notified this information in so many ways it ain't even funny. They've sent out faxes, e-mails, flyers and have it blasted just about everywhere in every media imaginable.

It's hard to believe you've been away that long that you haven't heard of it, yet.


Yeah, found that out earlier this year the most of the shops will discontinue sewing by the end of this year. I had a large project back in the spring that allowed me to justify the purchase of a heavy duty commercial sewing machine. (It takes some getting used to...)