The Dezynery?


This may be old news but I thought I would share with the group.

Looks like Sergio and his crew are back in another form.

I can certainly appreciate their hustle. But I have to admit, I HATE it when people misspell words on purpose. I am a fan of popular culture but I was through when "Z" became the new way to make words plural. Or Graphix.*sigh* No offense but, bleh. But as they say, I could not beat em' so I (against my better judgement) subscribed to this too. Fo shizzle. But I digress.

Their offerings seem cool. Check them out. Come back and share your thoughts.
And Mr. DeSoto if your reading this. Good luck in your latest endeavor brother!.


lmao. Only reason I would use them Stephen Senk, he's going to carry that team.
He's one hell of a wrap designer.


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I got an email from them to check out their company. I couldn't figure what it is that they do.?.? It didn't seem very clear to me.

SignBurst PCs

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I hope they are for real. :wink: We have sent a couple computers down there. One for Stephen Sinek and the other to run the Mutoh. Stephen really is good at what he does.