The Jury is In: No Black Nozzles - 1604


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Some of you may remember my recent thread about losing ALL my black nozzles:

I thought I'd post the follow up.

Mutoh tech, Mike, came out today with all the parts needed and quickly determined that the maintenance station was kaput. Bing-Bang-Boom he swapped it out and rode off into the sunset and my printer was back up and running.

I especially want to send a shout out to RandyA who went above and beyond in working with me on this all last week! He also offered to let me print on their demo printers at the Mutoh showroom in Phoenix, which I did twice! This was a real life-saver for me!

Randy stayed late with me until the jobs finished, and then was patient when I crashed the Mutoh Employee Christmas (uh...Holiday) Party on Friday. I even scored some pumpkin pie!

Everyone I met while at Mutoh was very knowledgeable abd it seemed like a fun place to work.

Thanks Randy! (And Ken, Chuck, Chris, Mike, etc...)


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Thank you.
It was very nice meeting you, jiarby, and putting a face to a fellow member of the forum.

It is great that we have the capability to help our local customers with printing (and a bit of training to boot).

I am glad we were able to help you you out, while you were down and then get up back up and running,

I hoped you enjoyed the pumpkin pie, there was a whole one left over, you should have had some more...

I am out this week, but I am sure that there will be plenty of turkey sandwiches for those in the office as well.

Thanks again,