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The Vinyl Zapper


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Just wanted to give a good review for a product that saved my aching hands. The Vinyl Zapper - and, No I am not a dealer. Just had a fleet of vehicles to remove vinyl from early last week and found out the hard way how bad it stinks to remove old chrome vinyl off doors. It took hours to remove the first door then I called it quits. Called my local sign supply shop and got one of these. It took 6 minutes to do each door after that. Well worth the money even though it did seem a bit pricey for a glorified angle drill with a big eraser on the end (could have at least been cordless). If you find yourself in a similar situation you have to give it a try. Great product.

Again, just thought I would share my thoughts on a product I believe to be a worthy investment for a vinyl sign shop (although, I have yet to run into any recently painted cars though. Heard that it could get ugly :Big Laugh )



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Having not used one of these could you imagine firing up an angle grinder near someones car with a manic look on your face, sorry my mind goes on strange tangents lately!
Looks like a good idea thou


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It's less menicing than it looks. I can pull a sun warmed decal off about as fast but, this thing works cold and the clean up is minimal. It won't damage a paint job either. The little cheap ones for a drill are not worth messing with.
3m makes one for drill

3m offers a similar product that attaches to ordinary drill or cordless, and possibly (grinder @$30 buck at harbor freight )


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My local sign supplier sells the ones for the tips of drills for like $15-$20. I used one when I had to take off 20 year old reflective vinyl on a Nissan pickup. Worked pretty sweet. I've heard that the vinyl zapper works a bit better, but if you're bidget minded, those little drill bit things work pretty sweet. It all depends on whether you need to take off some door decals, or an entire fleet of vehicles!


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I watched them demonstrate this at the ISA show in Orlando.
The first guy showed me how it worked on a piece of metal ripped from a
new car (with vinyl on it) and it worked great. Then the guy standing next to
him went to show my brother how it worked. Picked up a piece of metal
from an older car and stripped the paint right off along with the vinyl.
So I'd spot test on those older paint jobs, before havin' at it. -MY $0.02


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Just don't use these on Freightliners! We have one and love it for all the reasons mentioned above--chrome, reflective, really old, dry vinyl. But, it will ruin the pain on Freightliners. I'm not sure why, and we've asked the company reps about it in Vegas last year. They told us it won't hurt the paint, but everytime we've used it on a Freightliner we've had serious problems. Freightliners use single stage paint, so that's probably got something to do with it.