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Timber Frame Questions


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Alday Frame1.JPG
Alday Frame1.JPG

For anyone who has built a timber-frame sign structure; If you made this frame out of 8''x8'' pressure treated pine timbers, what kind of joints would you use? Lap joints?
Also, the arch will need to be from laminated 8x8's. Have you ever used Gorilla Glue to laminate PT wood? What about West Systems epoxy? Or would I be better off using cedar for the arch? Thanks


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as long as the pt is dry, no problems, the arch is going to need some mechanical fasteners unless you laminate from 1/4 by 8" strips.
And I'm going to need to borrow a bigger bandsaw, than the one I have, to cut it out with.
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I have to agree with ddarlak. The arch above with the rectangle sign looks a bit like someone is trying to reuse an old structure that doesn't fit the new sign. Maybe the rectangle is just a place holder for a different shape?


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I'm not sure about that framing detail. I did a quick search for similar shapes and they all seem to have a peak as part of the structure. And I agree, with all the detail in the frame I hope the sign shape and details are similar


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Johnny Best

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i understand trying to make a statement with the sign posts, but i find the design both unattractive and a disaster of an engineering job. especially for an engineering company sign.

If made right with tendons and mortise, it would look great for an engineering company to have. It could be unattractive and a disaster if made wrong and the use of hardware and if lap joints are used they should be hidden as with good carpentry would do because you would be using long screws or nuts and carriage bolts holding lap joints together.


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i guess you could look at it that way, if it was built right, it would be an engineering feat, but it still would look butt ugly