Torn metal effect....??


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I'm trying to make a torn metal effect sort of like in the images posted below. I know they are painted on but I would like to make something like that in photoshop if at all possible. Does anyone know if there is a plug in I can get or some tutorials I can look at to get something like that?



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Dunno about a plug-in for the torn metal effect. I too have searched a lot for a tutorial on how to do it on the computer - no luck. I'm having an airbrush guy at a motorcycle factory do me a small metal panel (18x24) of the effect and I'm gonna scan it and go the bitmap route for the torn metal. Then, I'll be able to drop into the inside area any kind of fill/design I want. If ya don't find anything else, send me a mailing address for you and I'll send ya a CD with the file I come up with if that will help ya.

Otherwise, I'll be watching this thread to see if anybody tells ya of an online tutorial for how to create it digitally.
By the way - forgot to mention - the examples you posted really are not that good compared to what I saw on a regular basis in the custom paint shop at a motorcycle factory. I'm sure the guy doing one for me will produce something really awesome.


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My only tip would be....

to NEVER use straight black for shading and drop shadows.
It looks very dead on tha attached photo.


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3CGraphics - they are most likely R/C Truck bodies..

have you looked at styles for Photoshop?

Fred Weiss said:
I downloaded a bunch of free styles from Adobe Studio a while back. About 2/3 were for PS 7 ad highter but about 1/3 do work in PS 6 including one named glass buttons and another named glass button rollovers.

You might want to try loading these various freebies to see which will work.

Also either Alien Skin or KPT has a tear away plug in for photoshop.


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Thanks for all the replys everyone. I will try some stuff and see what I can come up with. Doug that one you posted is awsome!!


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Thanks Erin!

I drew it in response to the similar thread last year. (did you check that link? has some good discussion on this with lots of other good ideas you shouldn't miss)