Trailer I designed and applied


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Would like to get some feed back!


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First the nice part. I love the little bugs.
Next the critique.
Is it "The Grasshopper 1000?"
Because those look like two completely different elements.
The top font choice is very weak, and very crammed to the edges.
A thicker letter style, perhaps in caps and lower case, with no arch may have been a better idea.
I try to avoid parenthesis on an area code, and also try to avoid using italics.
And the grass would have looked better on a smaller scale and overtop the lawn tractor, as it looks to be hovering.
Not trying to be mean, just trying to help.


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after the customer approved it i went back on my own time and changed the grass to where it was solid on the bottom and the strands where on top but boss said it was to late to change so i had to stick with it also on the type it wouldve looked better with a shadow or another affect bc yes it was too plain but my boss wanted to use 651 vinyl on that also the 1000 had to be put on for copyright reasons