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I always have issues when I use transparent Lenses on Flexi. When I go to print, lines show up where I applyed the lens in the print. Anyway to fix this?


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Are you using the Flexi RIP? Every now and then, the Flexi RIP will prompt me to rasterize a file containing a transparent lens before it will print. But 95% of the time, it works flawlessly.

What RIP are you using? This could be an issue with the way the RIP parses Flexi's lens. As already mentioned, rasterizing the file prior to RIPing is a workaround.


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when i have a job with translens piece in it somewhere , i send the job to production manager it ALWAYS pops up another small box ,"items in this contain bitmap images" } then i have to check a box at what DPI i want . after i ckick that it pops up in the manager.
now if your does not do that ,before you send the file, try selecting THAT PART and raserizing it through the flybar at top of should send the file and print ok as long as THAT PIECE IS RASERIZED .dunno if you need to rasterize the whole image like the man suggested above ,but it makes perfect sense to do that ,im sure he would not have posted if it wasnt true.


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IF it is that crack flexi7 that has been passed around for3 years it wont ever work right .you will have more issues


sometimes when I use a lens to make something transparent and it doesnt work for one reason or another, I make a note of what all the colors are and just make everything those colors. If it is a image you could always do it in photoshop.


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Perhaps try using a different dither type, go to Ramdom or Error. I have had trouble with the lens effect in flexi also.


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I had an issue similar to this a while back and it was because of a contour cut line in the file. It may not be the same, but it's worth trying.

In the transparent lens window, the hide stroke box was checked.
That worked fine until I had a contour cut in the file. Once I added a contour cut, it added lines back around the transparency items and printed them.
I separated the contour cut from the underlying image and the lines went away.
It doesn't make sense to me, but it worked.


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First post. Hi all from Spring, TX.

I have had this same is what I do:

Before sending the image to rip (I use the flexi rip/print), rasterize the transparent lens image and make sure "transparent" is checked. Important...make sure you don't have any "guide lines" on the lensed image or they will become part on the image. Choose what DPI you would prefer, and print. If any abnormalties show up in the print, go back (undo the original rasterize), repeat the same process, but choose a lower DPI this time. Sounds backwards I know, but the lower DPI will print a slightly more pixelated image, but no lines. Hope that makes sense!