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Suggestions Trouble finding stock photos for 8' x 8' display


Are there any GOOD resources/websites for ultra high resolution photos?

I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am having trouble finding images with high enough resolution for an 8 ft x 8 ft trade show display. I need them to be at least 72 PPI, but the higher the better. Everything I've found is not good enough when blown up to size, which I realize is typical, but these will be viewed at very close range.

Are there any options other than using vector artwork, an enlargement service like On1, or taking my own photos? How do you all typically handle this? I will pay for the photos or software as long as it does the job.

Thanks for any suggestions!


Owner, Designer & Installer
Never had a problem using sites like Dreamstime, 123RF or shutterstock. The resolution can be 100ppi and print just fine in most cases, 200ppi being photographic quality. So a 6912 x 6912 image will look great. Make sure you are charging your customer if you are using stock art from a website as it isn't free, usually anywhere from $10-25 an image at that size.


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Get the highest resolution possible then "up-res" using OnOne software. I've already enlarged great images 1000%. IIRC you can get a free trial.
In rare instances I take my own "stock" photo.

Martin Denton

New Member
I use photozoom 7 and find this gives a great result, 3metre wide acrylic from photos that start life at around 5 - 7 mb...