Trouble with PDF and File transfer


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I have Adobe CS3 (Illistrator and Photoshop) and Corel Draw 15. A customer is trying to send me a file she created in Power Point, it is a combination of Fonts and Images. I asked her to send it as a PDF. Everything is fuzy when I try to open the PDF. I was also having trouble since I did not have some of the Fonts. I am not familiar with Power Point. I did not want to print from a jpeg. Can you convert fonts to lines or curves in Power Point? Why is the PDF so fuzy when I try and user it in my programs? Does anyone have a possible solution. I undersand that Power Point is for presentations and I have Vector Programs but I still need to be able to print these.

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It's "fuzzy" because Powerpoint is a presentation program that is intended for screen viewing, so the DPI is 72, 96 max with an overall pixel count of probably something like 1024x768. Likely the PDF is just a rasterized image of each slide as well.

Recreate it from scratch, charge for it. This is what the "acceptable file formats" part of your submission guidelines is for.