trying to send 1 bitmap file of 3 but prod mgr sends all 3 at once?


I have seen this before but can't figure out why I can't send one image at a time? I even tried marquing the pic but it sends all 3. Decided to delete the other 2 and then bring them back later to print.
What causes this?


Could be a mask issue, if you right-click anywhere on the image and 'unmask' isn't grayed out then that is likely the culprit.


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If you are using version 19 I think you are describing the issue I had a few times. I was just selecting one item on the screen but was sending all the items on the screen PM even though they weren't selected. Seemed like a glitch as I could close the program, reopen and it would fix itself. Haven't seen that issue in a while but was happening weekly a few months ago.


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Make sure to click this button before you send to PM


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That's awesome Bubba06! Never have I had to use that before in the 19 years of using Flexi. Oddly just went to test and had the same problem the OP was describing for the first time in like a month. Your suggestion fixed the issue.