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Two guys one bucket?


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Or two bucket lifts? Bidding on a job to replace these polycarb panels, one on each side. Panels measure 82"w x 112"h.
Does anyone transport big panels like this rolled up or do you keep them flat? Probably easiest to angle onto a flatbed trailer with side rails and tie them down.
With tall panels like this, do you attach forks and vertical support framing on the bucket to help keep it standing up straight? It's almost 10 ft tall.
I'm contracting out the install but any tips that I could pass on to make the job easier are appreciated.

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Farm it out to someone who does this all the time, that's what I do. I don't make as much money but know it's done right!


Poly will bend plenty to attach hanger bar across top using c clamps or as I prefer vise clamps
What we refer to as hanger bar is a piece of poly, 1/2" tall, riveted to the face. It sits on a lip either on the cabinet or on occasion, on the trim.
I think you're referring to a spreader bar for lifting? Don't google spreader bar if you want to have a nice day.


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Yea, right after sexy tree trunks...



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We do enough of this kind of work to have our own cherry picker. It comes down to being prepared.

First, we added rope cleats to working side of the bucket. We hope two ratchet clamps that we've spliced ropes onto, they get clamped to the top edge of the panel. The free end of the ropes are attached to the cleats on the bucket. we lift the bucket into position on pull the panel up to the bucket. From there, holding the panel with the clamps, we slide the panel into position - removing each clamp in the process. Once you've done it a couple of times it's safe and easy.