Underwater scene with cartoonish fish, turtles, whale, starfish, etc

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Would anybody know where I can purchase clip art that contains childish cartoon style ocean fish and creatures. I need to create a backdrop 10' x 63' of an underwater scene and time is of the essence. I have compiled everything I could from istock so far that is close and have digital juicedrops small scene of dolphins.

I would love to hire someone to help develop this but don't believe I have the time to sub it out completely. This is for a children's complex for a church and they need it asap for an event coming up soon...someone dropped the eight ball earlier which has resulted in a time issue. They are willing to pay so no need for any off-color non-profit comments - this is a good customer. ;-)

http://www.wackyworld.tv/ has exactly what we need but refuses to sell us the artwork release.

Thanks a million for any serious clipart suggestions or resources!


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If you can get a hold of John Deaton, you may be able to have him work on whatever elements you still need...but time isn't gonna be your friend on this one.


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http://www.wackyworld.tv/ has exactly what we need but refuses to sell us the artwork release.

Thanks a million for any serious clipart suggestions or resources!

Incredible stuff... If I were them, I probably would be doing the same. They've obviously got a lot of talent and a lot of money invested there and if they're not producing it, they don't want their images on it.

Clipart is hard because for a pieced-together thing, everything should probably be designed by the same artsit so it doesn't look like an eclectic mess. Clashing styles will make that look like a flea market.

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Excellent work as always shovel! Weasel, you are exactly correct which is making this difficult due to the time constraints.

We are currently building the design using vector creatures over realistic water background bitmaps. I will post pics when finished - sending to printer next week Tuesday or Wednesday. I wish I had more time - I would have had this entire graphic drawn by hand. Thanks guys.


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get the movie SAVING NEMO.......and video capture...........some of the underwater scenes)))))))))))))))))

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Once agian shovel - you hit a freakin' home run! I just visited that website and purchased the whole set. That is exactly what I am looking for. I can make my own plants, beach and corel. Perfect!

Man, shovel and signs101 rocks!!!

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Here is an update now that we are in the middle of this job.

I had Merritt RIP and print this file for me - two banners, 10'x42' and 10'x25'. The colors turned out great!

I finished the artwork in record time - I wish I had more time to really tweak it but considering the time constraints I think it turned out well. We just hung it for a church in this warehouse turned children's complex. The renovation has just begun and has a ways to go yet - gossamer that looks like water is to be hung from the ceiling and a material that looks like a sandy beach will be hung under the banner. Some of the wall pics shown are rooms that we hand painted and hand cut out 1/4 inch plywood painted sea creatures.

The screen printed on the center of the front wall is for a ceiling mount projector for videos and lyrics to the songs the children sing. The banners will be pulled tighter and hopefully smooth out some after being folded in shipment.


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yea I hear ya, this is all you can do with corrugated metal and surface mount conduit. The material on the bottom and stage that is being built in the front along with the gossamer hanging from the ceiling will put it over the top. ;-)