Unicel logo, anyone know the font?


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does anyone know the font used in the unicel logo and tage line? Looks like a lot of things but not too sure what it is. Thanks


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Jen Goodwin

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I have the logo vectorized, but the tagline used to say "part of life here" in a really choppy font...so the tagline is new and it looks to me like Franklin Condensed?

Fred Weiss

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Unicel is Frutiger 95.

Best guess on the tag line is Trade Gothic Bold.

Your JPG wouldn't display because you had it in CMYK color mode. I resaved it in RGB and it now displays.


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Thanks Fred and Jen for the info and thanks Fred for fixing .jpeg. It came like that and I missed that it wasn't RGB. I thought it was a Frutiger but I only have 65 and 75. The N didn't look right to me. I have to get this cut as a 48" high letter (the Unicel) and was hoping to outsource it to Gregory as a off the rack font instead of a graphic. It will save my customer a ton of money if I can do that. Thanks for the help.
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Thanks so much Jen for sending the logo. It's so nice of you and was a nice suprise when I went to my e-mail. I'd like to just say that I've met the nicest people on this site.