Upgrading Flexi

Cy Fan

I am currently running FlexiPro 7.5v5 and went to download and install the 7.6 up grade that is availabel on the SA International website. However when I do can not open the production manager, it keeps giving me a message to the tune of

Unable to find starting point or something like that.

Any way what I'm after here is does anyone know how to upgrade from the 7.5v5 to the 7.6, and if so could you give me a hand.


Cy Fan

When instaling the upgrade it prompted me if I wanted to do so and I said yes, is there somewhere else I need to clear them?


go to start at bottom of screen click START and then ALL programs find flexi click on it should have an option to clear them their if i rember right


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I think that there are 2 upgrades between 7.5 and 7.6v2. I have:

Build731to786updater.exe and PPS4.6Flexi7.6V2updaterSP2