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Urgent! - Mutoh quit printing magenta


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My printer will no longer print Magenta.

I have a mutoh Falcon Jr & was printing a full color banner & the magenta dropped out.

I did a couple of cleanings & it started working again, but only for a short time.

I knew my cartridge was running low, so I changed it to a new one thinking it may have run out & the printer did not display the low ink warning.

Again - after a head wash & a couple of powerful cleaning cycles, I did a nozzle check pattern & the magenta printed.

I did another nozzle check to make sure that everything was OK & again the magenta dropped out.

Anyone have any ideas of what I can try next?

I have a job that is supposed to go out the door today so even a fix to get me thru the next very small jaob would be appreciated till I can get the problem perm fixed.



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Hate to tell you this.... but you probably broke a waste feed line, and it's ruining your head.

Whenever I lost a color, it meant I broke one of those ****ing lines again. Only way to fix it would be to replace the line, which I've always had a tech do for me....


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1) take cover off printer and check to see if the hoses from you carts to your dampers have sprung a leak. If so replace hoses if not go to step 2

2) check dampers to see if they have ink in them. It is possible to have a bad damper but It's rare.

3) do a cleaning and see if pump is sucking ink. if not replace Capping station and pump.

Try to just run a solid block of M the piezo will force ink out of the head in time if all you did is get air in the line.

If you have no broken hoses or parts then your head will need to be replaced most likely.

I always keep spare parts on hand now because you should be replacing your Pump hoses and capping station every 6 months and you ink lines every year. if you do that your head will last a lot longer


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I'm not sure for your machine, but on ours [540], if you run out of ink for too long a period, you run the risk of creating a vacuum. After a few extrreme hard cleanings, you might be able to get it pumped back up through. If not, you might have to purge the whole system.


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After talking to Derf (Thanks) and removing the cover for inspection, I found that the lines are damaged & sucking in air.

Anyone know where I can purchase new ones ASAP?