US Cutter replacing Roland PNC 960


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I was earlier having rolan PNC 960. but it is creatign problems now and i could not solve it..
I am now thinking to change my plotter to US cutter
here is the link i m thinking to buy :
but i want to know that would it work directly with Corel Draw or not using the print option for sign making?
I also want you reviews about this machine!
I do not hav much $ in my pocket right now and cant afford a ROLAND.
and also if i import it to Pakistan i think i would hav to pay 100 percent customs duty.. either roland or US cutter..
so please help me!!




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I don't suggest getting a Chinese cutter. There is nothing like a Roland to tell you the truth. If you search around i am sure you can find parts to fix your Roland that you have right now.


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OK dudes !!
I ll try to fix it somwhere from any printer repairing personnel.
I ll post a lik shortly of a vdo i hav made of the problems i m facing if you could see and tell me what the problem could be!


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these r the 2 vdos i hav made while trying to make sign using a pen at the paper.. bcause i do not want to waste vinyl and blade.. as i knw it is not working accurately!!
It sometimes cut completely ok specially when EEROM is cleared using right left and origin key!

Please help me if you can or give me any professional guys cell no or email who could help me in this case!
thanks a lot for all of your support guys..