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US Cutters, Good, Bad or Ugly?


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I'am currently running two Roland 24 inch plotters, but could use another one. I'am considering the US Cutter MH721 mainly (you guessed it) for the price.

Do you guys/girls have any experience with US Cutters?

My Rolands have NEVER given me any grief but, as you know, are much more expensive.

If you get a chance, write back and let me know.

Thank you...

Roger Bolander
Winston Sign Company - Arizona


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Hey Techman!

This US Cutter company reminds me of "You Get What You Pay For" line.

But on the other hand I here that Roland's are now made in China not Japan anymore. So I would like to here from anyone that actually has and uses a US Cutter.


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I would have to agree although I havent seen a US cutter but some other "cheap" cutters at the ISA show last year. Cheaper parts and just not made the same. They work but for how long and how well. I have learned a lesson over the years and you said it in your post!


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I used to have a pcut, then i got a graphtec Fc3000-60 and wow, i could never imaging using my pcut again. I just bought a fc7000-130 for my bigger stuff. no way i would go with somthing under 500 bucks.

just a quick question, why do you need 3, 24 inch cutters?


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Roland's are now made in China not Japan anymore
This is not the problem.. If a machine is made under the engineering supervision of a known company then fine. Its the nonsupervised no name machines that cause problems. IF someone wants to justify buying a no name machine so be it. Just remember all the posts that complain about some problem with those no name branded machines.


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Yep, and the biggest plunge in the stock market since 9-11 wasn't caused by China.
But, Roger..you are happy with Roland machines..why not stick with that?


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Roland GX-24 It Is!

Just wanted to thank all of you who responded to my question about US Cutters.

After your comments and my other research the Roland GX-24 wins out!

This is based on the quality and durability of this product from first hand experience.

Thanks Again!