Vakuejet 1604 Problem with PC Communication


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I have my Valuejet 1604 since 2007, always print fine, had issues on the capping station on the past, but everything else print ok. I used a Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.2, everytime that I sent something to print it print, buy yesterday, I did not have any communication with the printer, I change the cable, the switch, and nothing, what I noticed is that on the back on the printer were I hook up the network cable, when I hook it up, didnt turn on the light that usually turns. So can anyone help me on this?, thanks.


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This is the same set up and age of our machine.
All we have ever done is feed it and it prints!!!
It's either the computers network card gone down or lost the drivers.
The best way and maybe easiest is connect another computer and see if the plug lights (meaning the connection is OK)
Also check the IP address is still the same on the printer as what it should be (Ours strangely changed once!)

I have heard you can run this machine on the usb port in the back of the printer but mutoh don't advise it!

Their could be a communication fault on the board!
This is scary/expensive.

Maybe you could PM me and we could go through how mine is set up compared with yours.

I have the maintenance manual back at work I will have a look on it later.