VersaWorks crashing- still


I posted on Rolands site in Feb about 3.1.1 crashing- now 3.1.2 still crashes,
do they have anyone who cares? Gene


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Dunno if you're just venting about Roland to here, or seeking help. If it's the latter, we could use some more details about the setup and where/when the crash occurs (on startup of versaworks, while RIP'ing, while printing?). I haven't read Roland's forums much, seemed like they would usually have someone answer (least that seemed to be the case in the engraver section), but dunno if they ever would really revisit threads per se.


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We're running 2.7xxx because of issues with the 3.x. We were having many issues, including crashing, freezing, printing white noise, gradients not printing at all/correctly.


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I get crashes when I try to start sometimes. I have no idea why but if I shut down programs like illustrator or word it will open happily. I also get plenty of RIP lockups when closing the job setup window.
Irritating but not enough to slow me down.


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I'm running the latest version of VW and have zero issues??
The only programs running on that computer are VW and Flexi's Production Manager.


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Haven't had versaworks crash on me since I updated to the latest (3.1.3). Specs of the system that's crashing?


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Roland Versaworks Crashes

Hello. I am having issues with my Roland Versaworks crashing on me frequently. I find if I select through the tabs too fast it crashes. Also sometimes once I have the file all set up and click OK to go back to the print screen it crashes as well. Is there anything I can do as in updates or do I need to re-install the program? Any help or suggestions would be great! Thanks Gilles


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I am running version 4.7.1 on a Windows 7 machine and have had zero problems with Versaworks.

What's the specs of the computers for those of you having problems?