VersaWorks won't start


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Hello, I went to open up versaworks this morning, and got this message while the program was starting:

"Device definition files required to launch the application are corrupted.
Unsuccessful software update may cause this corruption.
Please try to update the device and media files"

This was weird to me, as I printed Saturday without problems. I updated to the latest VW software a couple of weeks ago and have printed without problems since then. So I call my tech guy and he tells me to try to run the online update. When I go to do so, I get this message soon after I hit Check for Updates:

"Exception occurred
ErrorCode : 0"

So my tech guy then tells me that my best bet would be to uninstall and re-install VW. I uninstall it, and the MSXMP 4.0 SP2 Parser and SDK that it calls to uninstall as well, and delete the VW folder from Program Files. Restart computer, install VW. Get the same errors. I am now downloading VW 3.10 from an ftp to see if that will allow me to update and possibly fix this. I am on Vista, by the way. Anyone had this problem? What causes it? And how did you fix it?



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reinstalling will not correct errors in a corrupt file.
You have to remove the folder and then clean the registry..

Then do a good install. Many times an installer will not over right a folder if it sees its already there. That folder may contain all the corruption.


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Here is what I did step by step....

1 - uninstalled versaworks in the add/remove programs panel.
2 - uninstalled msxml 4.0 sp2 parser and sdk
3 - deleted the folder called Roland VersaWorks located in the program files folder
4 - empty recycle bin
5 - restarted computer
6 - installed VersaWorks off the cd that came with the printer (2.0)
7 - Restarted computer
8 - Immediatly clicked Online Update in the Roland VersaWorks panel. This is where I got the "ErrorCode : 0". So I tried starting VersaWorks and got the corrupt file error.

Not sure what you mean by clean the registry. I go step by step instructions from my tech guy on how to do this install


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Do you by any chance have AVG as your anti virus?

For some reason with AVG you might get an error or a faulse virus reading. If you do use AVG you need to unistall it. Don't just try to exit the AVG as it still causes issues. Once all is loaded then re-install the AVG and it should not cause issues. I noticed this with colorchoice and have seen another rip did it as well.


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After you reinstall versaworks you need to do a staggered update.

First you need to upgrade to 3.0

Then you upgrade from 3.0 to the current 3.2.

When the version of your Roland VersaWorks is below 3.00, you need the two separate operations for upgrading. It needs to be upgraded to Ver.3.0 first by using RVWUpdater30.exe, and then you need another upgrade operation to the latest version. (this link might night work, you gotta navigate to it from the first link) After you agree to their terms choose "color" then choose your specific printer.

It took me two days to find this tibdit when I was setting up my 7 machine.

As mentioned above, when your doing the manual update, disengage your anti virus software, the files download for versaworks get confused for trojans/viruses.


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Well, I think I found my problem. I have Vista Home Premium 32bit. When I first got the computer, VersaWorks would not run on this computer. I contacted my tech guy and he gave me a link to download so Versa and Vista could cooperate. I'm getting everything backed up that isn't already backed up at the moment, and am installing Vista Ultimate. It was going to take a few days to get Vista Business, and I need to get back to work, and Ultimate was at Best Buy. So I'm going to try this and see how it goes and will report back. Thanks to everyone for replying so far, hopefully this does it. I was unaware Vista Home wasn't compatible with VersaWorks.