viewing pdf file incorrect?


I do not see this to often but it popped up yesterday and I start to wonder if you can trust anything you see anymore.

Customer sent me 4 pdf files which were created in photoshop. In 3 of them I could see the type style they were using in the graphics, all be it they were not high res enough for printing. The Final pdf file was a decal they wanted and when I opened it in acrobat to look at it, the font is completely different and the fill is weird too. The tops of any letters that were beyond a certain point changed colour.

I then tried saving and opening it in Signlab and it was looking for a font I did not have in my system and it made sense.
if all the files were created in photoshop why is it that I could see the proper font in 3 of the files but the last file it defaulted to something different?n I suspect it was a vector file but does photoshop do that?

This baffles me and although I dont see this to often I wonder about files I generate as pdf files if they are being viewed properly.

Is there something done or not done by the person who created it that makes this happen?


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Could be made in a different version of Illustrator.

When PDF problems occur I usually ask everything to be converted to outline and/or saved as EPS.