vintage vinyl graphics


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i have a pretty good alliance with a near by auto restiration shop. they keep asking me if i can re pop older car stripes on gtos and mopars and what not. i can not find good clean images or legal for that matter. does anyone know where i can purchase something like that or is there a site i can pay per image? any help would be great thanks:help


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thanks for the welcomes, this place has been very useful in many ways thanks again now if someone could guide me here i will be in great thanks to


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Those old stripes were done by diecut stamping!
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VinylGraphics Special Vehicles Service dept. usually has some stuff for mopars and such... they might have the files you are looking for. doubt they're gonna share though, but you can order from them at least. just a thought maybe worth researching.


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Head for the car shows, and meets. Take a camera and tape. Start drawing every car you can.Pass out flyers, Soon they all will want your services from your portfolio. OH YA!!! Welcome from mid Michigan. (sag)