Vinyl on single plate glass


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I was recently talking with a customer about putting his logo (approx. 3' x 3') in cut vinyl on the large front window of his business. He mentioned that someone had told him that installing large vinyl graphics on single plate glass can cause the glass to crack. I'll admit that I'm new to the world of cut vinyl but I thought this sounded strange and I've never heard of this before. It is a large, single plate glass window that has been up for many years. I would just like to find out if there is any truth to this or be able to give my client peace of mind. Thanks for any advice.

You have to be careful. You can't put as much pressure on when you squeegee as you can with stronger glass. Also be careful taking off the transfer tape.


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Possibly he was referring to someone doing this job in the winter time and the glass being cold and using a heat gun to get their application tape off. THAT would probably break any glass. Wet or dry, you shouldn't have any problems unless you put your ruler through when bending over.

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After doing graphics on several hundred windows over the years I've NEVER had a problem with the glass cracking.

Like Signcrafters said just be careful with the squegee and you'll be okay.


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Probably heard that covering a window with vinyl (especially black) could stress the glass when heated, but that's only if you cover the whole window. Regular lettering and small panels no problem.

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With window film we always have to be careful if the window gets full or partial sun , maybe just put logo on a board hang from inside or suction cup to inside . If it does not get any sun just do it .
On a 3' x 3' window I think you'll be ok if you are careful. I've lettered some large, single-pane windows here in town that had to have been installed in the 1940s or 1950s. I've lettered a few in the 6' x 6' or bigger range that seemed like they gave an inch (I'm sure it was more like .125" or .25") when I squeegeed. Pretty scary.


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That "someone" doesn't know what he's talking about. There wouldn't be much glass left here in NYC if it was true.