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I've decided to hobby sign to see if its anything I am good at and should pursue. My question is I was considering the corner of my bedroom for workspace and storage.

Are there smells or major fumes associated with vinyl?

Do I need a rack to store the vinyl or is leaving it in the box (where they are all sorta stacked on each other) ok?

If I need a rack, is vertical the best?

Should I leave the plastic on it when not in use to keep it clean?

I had considered briefly garage, however I live in Pahrump (hour out of Las Vegas) and the heat in the garage in the summer is over powering. Dust no matter how often I dust is also an issue so I will have a sheet over the cutter when not in use.

Thanks for everyones previous posts as well, I have been doing a lot of searching and learning.

Hint for other new posters, instead of using the title to tell us you are new poster, PLEASE put the general idea of the question in the title, makes it loads easier when people are browsing the determine which might be the most informative or information that they need.

Thanks again!


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I utilize a storage rack which holds the vinyl horizontally. No plastic bag, etc. Then again I go through our vinyl so quickly its really more of pain then anything. But from my understanding it is always best to keep it in the box it came from. Also to leave it laying down rather then standing up to keep the adhesive from sagging down the roll...


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Welcome from the Midwest!

Bedroom? I would say your are single and have a very large sleeping quarters. Vinyl stores best horizontally make sure your racks hit a stud, vinyl is also very heavy.


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Yes Single Mom, big master bedroom! Just looking to help pay a few small bills. This won't be full time for me unless I find that I am good at it and can get some customers.

So Horizontal storage it is, will ask my dad to help me make that happen.

Smells shouldnt be an issue then?

Thanks quick reply, looking to set the cutter and such up this evening after jury duty.

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be sure to tell your customers that your sign shop is next to your laundry basket!@

You can buy a 24-roll wall mounted vinyl rack about $40new, but make sure all your rolls have tubes or you can egg-shape you rolls. Some vendors cut 10yd order soff larger rolls and dont wind them onto tubes. grrrrrrrrrr

What ebay chinese cutter did you get? (please not a cricut or robo!?)


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Pahrump you say? Hmm.

If you need help, I'd be more than happy to come 'consult' for a week...

Welcom to :signs101: from Illinois.



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Ahh yes someone knows what Pahrump is famous for :)

I didnt get the cutter from ebay. The forums I read all said to get it from someplace that would give me a warranty and such so I got a Vinyl Express Q60. I've read good and bad about it but it seems to be mainly a who you are and what you like type thing. I think it will suffice for my mischief until I decide to move forward.



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I've been to Pahrump a couple of times, but only window shopping. ;)

My buddy lives in Vegas, and the first time I went out to visit I drove through Pahrump, got stuck in the desert in Crystal, and drove back to Vegas passed the NV Test Site.

I've been back to Vegas a bunch of times, but this fall I managed to make the same trip, except I didn't get stuck in Crystal, now that I'm aware of poof dirt.

I couldn't believe how much Pahrump had changed since I was there the first time. I thought it looked like it was getting ready to grow. It seems like a nice little town, which is why it'll grow.



And vinyl does smell- some of my customers are overpowered by it and my
GF says she can smell it on me- so my BO must not be getting worse:wink:.


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What ebay chinese cutter did you get? (please not a cricut or robo!?)[/quote]

Welcome and good luck:
I actually got a CraftRobo Pro, which is the unfortunate name of the Graphtec CE5000 15" plotter. I bid on one on Ebay that was being sold by a scrap booker who was overwhelmed by the complexity of it. (tee hee hee)

Unfortunately I was outbid, but it's very reasonably priced even at full price(Under $1000) and you can throw it (gently) in the car or truck and bring to a marina or a show and run if off a laptop. For me, very appealing.
I've been working with vinyl since 1984 and I would never sleep in the same room where I store it. You'll notice everything will start to smell like the vinyl.