Vista compatibility

Are there updates/drivers and so forth for Flexi and Graphtec in order to use Vista?

I thought I wanted to upgrade my PC but not sure now. I read the article in the other thread talking about Vista. I'm not fond of the idea of putting up with the bugs of Vista but I would really like to upgrade my PC.

I went and shopped around today hoping to find a leftover that has XP but had no luck. Everyone had already switched everything out to Vista. Of course, the salesman thought Vista was great . . .

If I knew I wouldn't have any trouble running Flexi on it I wouldn't mind so much. Anyone gave it a shot?

Fred Weiss

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I think I read somewhere that Vista systems will require the latest version of Flexi (version 8.2?).


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I haven't heard about Flexi, in particular, but there are programs that don't play nice with Vista. Quickbooks is one that comes to mind. Mostly this occurs with software developed prior to Vista, and patches are usually available. We are not updating to Vista until it is necessary.


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it would be best to get a machinen that is VISTA ready and NOT use the upgrade route..

There are too many new requirements that older machines will not handle economically. Plus as usuall there are still no drivers ready for too many legacy cards. Many cards will not have new drivers either.

And one more thing. The gurus are not at all excited about doing vista. There are just too many restrictions changes and other interferances that too many of us do not know about.

And finally. Vista upgrades will not install unless you have XP or win DK already installed. There are some workarounds but we all know that a celan install is better.

It will be better to wait until SP1 is out before anyone attempts upgrading as well. Yes, even though it is officially denied by M$, the VISTA SP1 is already in the process of code work.


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You can get a custom machine built with XP for sure. I perfer that route to have my machines tailored to what I'm using them for.


All drivers for Vista have to be signed by Microsoft! Also from what I am hearing Vista 64 doesn't have many software manufactures on board yet!


I've also read recently that Vista sucks compared to XP when it comes to speed with graphic applications. Most notible with 3D programs but photoshop was in there as well.

I'll be with XP for a while still i think.