wanting to be a wrapper but don’t know the words!

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Hello all! I have been in the window tinting business for 30+ years and produce training DVD’s for that industry. The wrap business will be an addition to my retail location. .I took the Oracal wrap class last month in Vancouver Wa. that GraphiXtreme wrote about and have been practicing with a 54 inch roll of unprinted Orical 3951 RA my supplier laminated for me. I think I have decided on the Roland sp 540 but need to learn some graphic design before plunking down the money. I have seen so many people upgrading to the new higher speed Rolland that it’s got me thinking but don’t really want to spend the extra money. Guess I will just buy the 540 and sell it in 6 months lol!!! I have flexisign 7 but don’t know beans about working with it! Flexi training CD #1 is in the mail. I started an online photoshop class last month from a local community collage figuring I had to start somewhere!!!! The forum is great; I haven’t even asked any questions and have learned lots, thanks! I spent some time last night on a couple of sites I found here on the forum, alienskin and digitaljuice. Really kool stuff on both sites. If I am understanding things right………………. That’s a big IF…… once I learn photoshop can I use the software from them to start designing my first wrap? All tips and advice will be greatly appreciated.
Stan Foster (just call me grasshopper) :peace!:

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Wait to buy you 540v until after the ISA show the new 540 v will be a 4 head machine for about the same price as a the current twohead machine!



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Welcome also G.H.
I would take the time to learn the software first before putting out bucks for the hardware. Photoshop is a huge program and integrating it into your print/cut flow will be quite a task. The harware will likely come down in price while you are learning to work the software. To answer your question...Yes.
Being proficient ( not excellent) with Photoshop will allow you to do this.
Sounds like you are on the right track.
Good luck !


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Welcome, since you already have a market for windows, I would look at going heavily into window graphics/window murals. Good luck and welcome