Weird Pattern printing on my JV33


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So in our JV33 160 something went haywire and fried out main board about 2 months ago. We took it out. Sent it for repairs. Got it back and re-installed it and everything went peaches and cream until 2 weeks later the same thing happened! AGAIN! but this time, it was worst. Main board couldn't be fixed (so we got a new one) and they suggested we replace the slider board, and all the ribbon cables as well, which we did. NOW, here it is where it gets interesting. We finally get the machine back up and going and we notice a weird pattern that it's being printed on the machine. A 1" line on the left side and it keeps repeating itself about 3 or so Inches over and over again,and it only prints once we pass the 39.75" mark in size.
Guess what? NOBODY KNOW WHAT IT IS! Not even Mimaki...

So I came here hoping that a good soul might have seen this before or has an IDEA of what it is.
Thanks for you time in advance!


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This is a shot in the dark as I've not seen this before, but in looks like in your pic you might have a cut line enabled. If so deselect the cut line an see what happens.

Weird stuff like this definitely takes a few days off your lifetime.


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Update on Problem.

So after weeks of back and forth with people that we thought "Knew" what they were doing and about $6000, someone else found the problem. We got recommended to Macmedia out of New York and, literally, within hours he called us back and told us what was wrong with our main board. Turns out that the BRAND NEW board that we just got had faulty memory, apparently both memory modules. This is extremely interesting since the people that we bought the parts from (who should remain nameless but from Georgia) tested the main board and said that there was nothing wrong with it about 2 days before MacMedia figure it out. I tell you, if you have a problem with your main board, slider board or print head, contact the MacMedia guys and you will not be dissapointed. I just wished I was referred to them in the first place.


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Yeah...! those people in Georgia changed my print-head for no good reason and cost me $5000.00 parts and labor.
My printer still isn't up to par. After $5000.00 you would expect it would be.