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Well here I am

carlos venson

New Member
Hi, Just a quick hello to all. I'm probably not up to speed with most of you.
I did use a Gerber 256 for about 5 years before retirering. I'm really a hand
lettering guy. I'm 70 and retired, but still manage a sign now and again. I like
to keep my hand in game. I do studio photography for The Japan Woodworker.
It intails both catalog and web site shoots. Our studio is full digital and that's
a great way to work. But I really need to learn more about using the computer
for layout work. I see lots of neat fonts are out there. I hope I can somehow
find a way to help those of you just starting out in sign and design work. It's
a great joy to help others learn and progress. Just hope I'm not too dated !


New Member
Hi Carlos.
Welcome to Signs 101 from BC, Canada.
I think it's great that you are bringing your experience to these forums.
Sounds like your a Photoshop guy? Have you tried any of the plug-ins with PS?


Premium Subscriber
:Welcome: from PA.

Sounds like you already own your skill, you just want to stretch a little. You'll do it here. :thumb: