Western Wisconsin Newbie Looking for Help


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Hello All,

Newbie to the sign/vehicle graphics arena. I recently purchased a GX-24 for my apparel business I do part time. I am looking at entering lightly into the vehicle graphics arena.

I live in western Wisconsin (Eau Claire) and consult in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area in a completely differnent industry. I am wondering if there is anyone in the Eastern Minnesota/Western Wisconsin area that would be willing to meet and provide some business insight and guidance to a newbie.

Obviously, I don't expect a lot of takers from the Eau Claire area do to that fact no one wants to help out a potential competitor, but maybe from the Twin Cities. In spending some time in the forums, there are a lot of people willing to share information...Just maybe someone is willing to talk face to face and perhaps do a little mentoring.

Hopefully this isn't looked at as too obnoixious....It is just that there is no harm in asking.




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your best bet would be part-time employment with a sign company and getting

real hands on experience . . . face-to-face !

Conor Knoxx

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LOL, I approached much the same idea, from the other direction.

Since I knew little to nothing, I hired an experienced sign-maker to work for me :Cool 2:


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Nothin' wrong with cheeseheads! In fact, three have already posted on this thread! lol Hi, from northeast Wiscosin.......Yeah I know....damn near a yooper I am.


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You are in an area rich with good sign people that I know...
Mike Meyer from Mazeppa MN (hosted two Internationals as well as lots of regional meets)
Matt Rolli from Hudson, Wisconsin (hosting a big Letterhead meet there next year)
Kurt Gaber from Chippewa Falls Wisconsin
Dave Correll from Faribault MN
All are hand-painters who can also cut vynull.
Dave Correll can do the best wet-blended pictorials I ever saw, and has designed a few Letterhead fonts.
William J Krupinski from M'waukee.
Krupinski designs fonts for Sign DNA and is a great cartoonist.
I don't know what kind of business plans they can assist you with but if you want to learn how to make damn fine-looking signs or vehicle lettering, you can maybe "observe" them in action.


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Belongie, This past Christmas I had a little tee shirt shop at our local mall. A buddy of mine had his cutter setup. One day a man came in and wanted "Yooper" printed on it.
Being a Buckeye, I had no idea what a "yooper" was until he explained it to me. I thought all folks "up north" were wolverines. LOL