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What are your best months?


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March has been a great month for us and April is looking like it will be even better.

However, I bought this company last April don't know whether every March/April is a great month or if this is an outlier.

What months are the best for you guys (and gals)?


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March & April are the start for us, getting the soil ready, mending fences and just plain old fashioned clean-up. Looking forward to a great growing season. Last year was very very wet for us, here in the Northeast.


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Dec and Jan are dead slow for us. I'm talking people standing around for weeks straight just cleaning up with one or two jobs here and there. We used to have fillers for those months but lost the contract. I'm hoping this year we get another... I go out of my kind with nothing to do.

Every other month is pretty busy.... March is when it really picks up. We've been doing 3-4 wraps a week ontop of our other normal workload.. Tons of overtime and still we have 3 vehicles a week scheduled for the next 2 months. This year started off slow, but now we're too busy!


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Thanksgiving - new years is always slow for us sign/ vehicle graphic wise but picks up with some of our other services. The rest of the year is packed.


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We have been tracking this for years and for us anyway there seems to be no sure fire "this is a slow month". One year December is slow, the next it's the best. Holiday weeks are what we watch the most. It seems if a holiday is on a Wed or Thurs the entire week is shot. Other then that roll the dice!! I hate to use the term slow, then my people slow down and do 6 hours of work in 8. I prefer saying caught up, that $250,000 job is just an approval click away, be ready.


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No clue what our best month is because it constantly changes. Last year March, April and May were flush with transom lettering and boot stripes. So far this year I've only done one repair job and bid on a boot stripe.

But industrial labeling has filled in that hole. Picked up two new clients recently and currently working on process flow charts for a factory.
Found time to TIG some turbo piping too.

My business is like Forrest's box of chocolates. Never know what I'm gonna get.


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I get killed in the summer. Too hot down here by the border. Everyone bails.
I gotta go on welfare.

I hope that doesn't hurt my standing here at 101.