what font is this?


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Hello everyone,

First of all i would like to express my appreciation to each and everyone of you.You guys are the best and i'm so please to be here. I Just joined yesterday and i have learned a lot, now it's my turn to ask for a little help.
i'm looking for this font. any idea??
thanks in advance


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eh..... I dunno. Looks kinda like a cross between Arial and BankGothic to me. I couldn't come up with an exact match though.


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Either University Roman, Tinker or italicized Eurostyle Regular Extended. :Big Laugh


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I was just gonna post that I thought it was Eurostyle, but I guess Fred beat me to the punch (sigh).


Fast Freddie's selection is the one you should use. But by looking at the "R" it makes me think they used Eurostyle medium and inlined it to make it thin.


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Well, cut my beers if you want, but I really thought this ‘SignGuy 101’ was another one of your pseudo posts, Fred. That was so easy, I was just fooling around with the first ones. Hmmm… now I’ll have to switch to something else… let me see….

:Oops: I can't find a 'Jameson'

By the way, while you're on the line, how do you grab someone's quoted area and put it in the white box like that. Feel free to post this in the new 'Newbie' column.