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What is HTD???


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in the context of "what is?"

I would have to say it's a cryptic answer to a jeopardy question.

Fred Weiss

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HTD was a company out of Boston (I think) that was one of the two original licensees for Scanvec autotracing technology. They wrote a signmaking program around it and made a big splash with a full page unweeded cut vinyl piece inserted in all the trade magazines. They went to Norris-Booth and arranged to import their 36" combo plotter that had both tractor and friction feed calling the plotter the Destiny 4000.

Next they did a bunch of hotel shows and the big ISA Expo, wrote a bunch of orders, took a bunch of deposits and disappeared into the night.

Scanvec then wrote CasMate and developed a dealer network to distribute it. Tim Booth split with his partner Norris and made a deal with Newing-Hall to build the plotter in the US. Newing-Hall made a deal with Vinyl Technologies to manufacture the plotter for them and then backed out of the deal. The Newing-Hall version was called the Accutrac and the Vinyl Technologies version was called the Vytek. Tim and his wife Rosie moved to West Palm Beach and the Mrs. and I became great friends, bowling and poker buddies with them. Tim also designed a plotter for Anagraph before finally leaving the sign industry. When last heard from, he and Rosie were living in Chicagoland where he was working as a robotics design engineer.

More than you wanted to know???


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I Love This Site!!!!!

DUHHHHH back at myself, Ill try to not let that happen again. Heat transfer , a hobby I picked up 2years ago,was where I started. My hobby has since grown to include Roland cutter,Corel12 ,lots of vinyl & sign supplys and a investment too big to call a hobby. I can now design simple logos & fonts ,send ,cut and apply. SIGNS101 .com and the great people that use it were my teachers and I THANK YOU,PHDers Newbys and all in between for all I have learned !!!!!! Researching and expanding into sandblasted signs now! Hey isign !!3 things we have in common ,signs,drums and being a smartass. Best signer_YOU. Best drummer _ ME ,Best smartass ? Too early to tell!!!!!


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Hey isign !!3 things we have in common ,signs,drums and being a smartass. Best signer_YOU. Best drummer _ ME ,Best smartass ? Too early to tell!!!!!

best drummer eh? :U Rock:
...got that on video?

welcome to signs101 ...we need more smartasses here