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What kind of shop do you have?


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Hi Chris! I don't know what happened to the poll questions, so here's my comment.

I recently added the vinyl cutter to my existing home office, but pretty soon there will be no room for me in here. We have a 19 x 20' foundation right off the back of the house that will probably end up being my workshop. My son has visions of a 'real' shop on the lot next door........ only time will tell.



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Home Office for now. A 15'x15' room has been my office for the last 15 years for my main business, but with this vinyl thing added to my business I may move the whole office into an empty rental cottage that I have on the same property. Then, maybe above a new garage with office space on 2nd floor.


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Home office 12' x 12' , 4' x8' weeding table set @ 46" off the floor (quick stand up orders set for easy weeding from a 29" bar stool ) vinyl stored under weed table and substrates in closet, cant forget about the futon for overnight orders


Lane Booth

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Can'ttt Brrreeathhh!!!!

Our business has taken over the house! The dining room is the shop. This huge dining room table is my desk. On it is my computer, monitor, printer, 150 lb. Vanguard engraving machine, Ep Control Module for the Vanguard.

Over against that wall (fallow along, I'm pointing to the left) is my glass topped weeding table, which is really a dual paned sliding glass door I picked up at a thrift store for 5 bucks. (works great - dreading the day it shatters on me!) Supporting the glass table top are four sturdy shelf units, which are storing various tools and enventory, jam packed to the square inch.

Behind me is a small work bench and peg board for tools, etc. Behind me to the right is one monster of a sandblasting cabinet. That thing is gonna have to go outside, eventually, soon, tomorrow! Next to the sand blaster is a craftsman 33 gal. air compressor. It going outside with the sandblast cabinet.

I almost forgot the Ioline Super 88 vinyl plotter, which stands cockeyed at the end of my dining room table/desk, taking up almost as much room as the sandblaster. And then there are the 30 plastic storage bins stacked almost to the cieling, tucked under my desk and flowing gracefully into the laundry room. And lets not forget the 30 other boxes of trophy shop enventory that's crammed and stashed into every nook and cranny of the rest of the house, back porch and shed.

One of our spare bedrooms is Katie's office. That's also my darkroom for storing files and material, and burning photo sensitive sandblast mask. The other spare bedroom is storage; just enough room to open the door.

Amazingly enough, it works...but I can't waite for the day when we'll beable to get a real shop with a real store front.

One thing that's kinda nice... the chair at my desk is a big comfortable black leather Lazy-boy recliner. Nice, but really it's just huge and gets in the way.
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A corner in my basement. It's crammed, but it's working for me at the moment. Only small jobs so far.


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We have a full service print shop in Richmond, IN.
Apparel, signage, ad specialty, embroidery.

- 750 ft2. offices
- 2000 ft2. print facility (but it's getting kind of cramped).

Recently added a vinyl cutter to up the size of our signs and do one-offs for less money.

Fred Weiss

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1800' retail store in a plaza anchored by an Office Depot. All open except for saw room in back. One 5' x 20' worktable, two 4' x 8' tables. Two sectional desks across front with opening in middle.


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Who needs a living room?

I used to think my house was strange, but you guys have made me feel normal! I have an Encad Novacut 24 in the living room, along with bunches of rolls of vinyl, the "kitchen" table is next to it (in the living room) holding my PC and a color laser printer. The dining room is my hubby's office, a spare bedroom is my office (with another PC and my Mac and way too many inkjet printers), I use the part of the garage I can walk in to make banners, magnets, yard signs, etc. with several large workbenches. I am trying to get the back porch cleared so I can wall the 2 open sides and make it an indoor work area with the coveted HVAC. Doing viny work in a hot garage is not a bunch of fun. I am looing at getting into airbrushing, but I don't think I want a compressor in my livingroom!


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That would be crazy putting a compressor in your living room. Come on.
That belongs in the laundry room don't you think? :Big Laugh

When I look around my house, I can't figure out why I bought a house, and not just a very large garage? :help:

Vital Designs

Vital Designs
1000 sq ft retail showroom in town. 2400 sqft shop at the house.

Vinyl, Eco solvent printing, 4x8 CNC with plasma cutter, Garment screen printing, Embroidery, dye sublimation & heat transfers.


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Home shop.. I do all my design/Cutting, etc in my 10x12' office and my weeding and application and such in my dinning room...


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Great rooms ..:U Rock: haha I am glad to see im not the only one with a shop in the house. Ok.. somehow I figured out how to put a Roland CJ500 in my spare bedroom/Office (that my wife seems to think is there to hold the folded up laundry?:tongue: ?) I had to take it off the stand and tip one end about 5ft in the air while my wife carefully slid the light end in the door (small hallway) then when I got it back on the stand I has the stand reversed. well I can tell you if you dont have the take up roller it will work either way.. hehe. I am 90% finished converting my 1 car garrage to an office so I guess we will be lifting that printer again. ( I am thinking about takeing it out the window tho.. ) Also I have an HP ColorLaserjet 8550 in this room. an EPSON Photo 2200 and epson R200 (for printing on CD's) the ENCAD 600E I used to use is in the garage ready for a quick sale next to the Allen Datagraph 850D Vinyl Cutter.. (the allen is old old old, the buttons look like they came from the original set of star trek! )the closet is stuffed with vinyl, paper, servers, oh and a breifcase my mother in law gave me to look pro at meetings, it holds extra ink for all these printers.. So how about we all take pics of our rooms and post em.. should be funny.

mark in tx

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Set up in the back half of a retail Flower shop in a strip mall next to full set of Big Box stores. 4 x 16 work bench along one wall with media stored underneath, Falcon Outdoor Junior along the same wall, Graphtec FC 5100-75 on opposite wall, along with computer workstation. Also have a bathroom!
Have an older iMac out in the front of the Flower store to do the customer sit downs. Only thing I really want but don't have room for is a light table.


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We have a metal/silkscreen/painting shop out back (factory) main office 2 head cheese offices and my office crammed with desk, table (comp) plotter, and weeding/application table I use to sstore junk. I usally apply signs on front counter.


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1400 sq/f work shop with 2 4x8 tables and spacious bay for truck lettering. 10' bay door. edgeII, envision plotter and ionline 40" plotter with gigantagram system. ~400 sq/f office and showroom with street frontage. state highway statistics say we have 50k+ cars and trucks passing by every day! i live on walk in business. in addition to that we are members of distric council 9 and the allied painters and trades union.


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I am very identical to SeeSigns only we have 1600 sqf with one 4x8 table spacious bay, and possibly around or a little more then 400 sqf/office space/showroom facing a street frontage. We are in a plaza with storage buildings behind us. Our building is off the right by ourselves. We do get walk in business but would prefer more of course. We do have a business card size ad in the sbc yellowpages as well as our name in several sections of our second phone book as well. Are members of the ATX (Amarillo Trade Exchange) for local businesses.

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