What labels are you printing?


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I need to get more work and I would like to get more label jobs but for the life of me can't think what people use labels for.

What labels do you do and for what industry?



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I'm sure there's some sort of language thing going on here. What do you actually mean by labels.... or label jobs ??


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Apologies, I was quickly posting while I had my wife in my ear.

Yes label jobs.

We have a small contract for cut vinyl car manufacturer stickers/labels and a few for sand blasting but other than that all of our printing is large format i.e vehicles.

I'd like to have a steady run of labels I can throw on the printer in-between doing the bigger jobs.



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My guess is many of your customers don't know they "need" labels...print them a short run of their logo as a small label the next time they get their truck lettered or a sign....You will be surprised how many label orders you get this way...


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That's a good idea, I will try that.

What kind of labels are you printing though?

If I could do a short run of labels as you mentioned but actually show the customer ways of how they can use them, I feel I could get a better result.


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So you want to do more of a specific job (labels) but you have no idea why customers would want them? Or what to use them for?

Sounds like you should probably be trying to push a different product.

We run a lot of vinyl labels/decals. Mostly it’s for quick/easy advertising on places that wouldn’t be suitable for a sign or anything “long” term.

Essentially just the same details as a business card or a leaflet and they can run around town sticking them to street lights or wherever else they’ll go.

One quick example is a fuel drain service (for people that use the wrong fuel) the guy approaches local fuel stations and asks if he can put one on each pump. Generally the stations are happy to accept as it means if they get an idiot that used the wrong fuel, they have quick access to a fuel drain guy and it gets them off the forecourt quicker. We run thousands of those ones.


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warehouse location labels for pallet location?
we have clients (whonscan to verify the right product.
the top pallet location can be 15 ft in the air, we print a vinyl label 4" x 20" with barcode, item name, description & verify code if they use one . we also print (or cut) up or down arrows, to eliminate confusion. certainly a case of thryndon't know they need it till it exists. our client will give us a spreadsheet of top or bottom locations


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We probably printed $20k in labels in the 12 months prior to March...
Mostly for a couple of home based businesses, hair and body products and food products, heating and air companies equipment/maintenance labels, some industrial type labels for panels or equipment, local craft distillery (some of which were for hand sanitizer they were making...). Typically printed on our HP 365, calendared vinyl, Summa D160. Outsourced a couple bigger or specialty label jobs.
And was planning on picking up a dedicated label printing system from Afinia before covid due to the growth and labor involved, but that's on the back burner now until maybe the first of the year depending on how things go...