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What's Most Important?

What types of discussions do you feel are the most beneficial to you?

  • Logo and sign design

    Votes: 13 17.8%
  • Sales, marketing, pricing and business related

    Votes: 24 32.9%
  • Hardware and software problems and how-to's

    Votes: 13 17.8%
  • General sign making

    Votes: 21 28.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 2 2.7%

  • Total voters


I chose "General Sign Making" but only because we are a new sign shop and production is my department right now; but they all are interesting and beneficial to me so I was looking for the All of the Above choice also. lol


Jen Goodwin

New Member
Definately Sales, marketing, pricing and business related. I love looking at what other members design, it's inspirational and fun; but Sales, marketing, pricing and business related posts are definately what I find most 'beneficial'.


New Member
Sales, marketing, pricing and business related - Mostly because design is subjective and each customer will vary and ultimately. I want to appease my customer and give them the design they want, yes I do like the input I receive on designs and I enjou seeing all the designs others post but I personally get a lot more out of posts regarding business practices.


New Member
I too am withall of the above. There are also days when just the funny post are enough to help me get through the day so it depends on the day and the kind of help I'm looking for.


New Member
Since I can't have "All of the Above" - I will pick Hardware/Software Questions. It is great to have a place to ask questions and to learn from others questions.


New Member
Personally, I find each and every aspect of this great thing called the sign business, to be interesting and very often most beneficial. Thanks for a great site, Fred


New Member
hmm, thats a toughy...i wish you could choose more then one...
im gonna go with option 1............


New Member

For many of us, it has to be more than one answer because the answers are interrelated. For example, I'd venture just about all of us use computers to do our design work, (software, design/layout, logo) and while I'm not doing it as my sole source of income yet, I will be within the year. (Business) Bottom line, a pretty clear trend has developed in the responses you've gotten so far: