What's this called............................... ??


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I'm gonna start out with a bad word.

I've had this roll for probably 15 years or more. It's just a small left over piece, but a customer came in and picked it for some of their theme. I've always called it metal flake gold. SparCal calls it GemLite. I don't have an A V E R Y chart, so I don't know what they call it. Feller's calls it Diffracto-lite Metal Flake, but when she described it, she said it kinda changes colors in a prismatic confetti kinda way. Does that sound geigh or what ??

Anyway, I want mine to remain gold, bright and shiny. Any idea of who I can order this from and today yet, so I can have it by tomorrow ??

Any ideas ??



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it looks like avery Ultra-Gold SC 900219 M, Oracal has nothing with that much shimmer, the only one that is close in my book is Universal brand Ultra-Metalic Gold


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AVERY calls it ULTRA GOLD UC900.
ORACAL dont have it.
FDC has a specialty 2824 vinylfx 004, this one will change colors.


I have it in silver. I think they gave it to us when we bought the last plotter. Roll says MP15110 A3534--.
on the avery chart i have the closest thing to what you have is the UC900 ultra metallic (ultra gold) get ahold of avery the color code is uc900-481-M good luck!


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Thanks all..................

It's ordered and it's not A V E R Y.

It's from TRIM, USA and they guaranteed me it's not an A V E R Y product.


I must be the only one without any issues with Avery. Used their cut vinyls for over half a decade with zero issues. All the shops around me use the same vendor as well. (see's vendor truck in their parking lots delivering)


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Arlon also has a comparible version called Gold Series 2000/2050 "high performance cast dazzlers" 5 year outdoor.