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What's your favorite font?

Jen Goodwin

New Member
What are your favorite fonts?

What fonts do you find yourself using over and over - your tried & true fonts?
Keep in mind these are what you use from what you have. Not ones you wish you had.

Mine are...
Light Sans Serif - Zapf Humanist (& Triumverate, which you can't seem to live without)
Bold Sans Serif - Impact
Serif - Palatino Linotype & Fenice (I use these constantly!)
Bold Serif - Schadow from Corel (stretched & slanted :cool:)
Script - AS Speedway, LHF Ballpark & Font Diner's Cocktail Script
Casual - Font Diner's Chicken Basket

Next font purchase: I'm thinking either SignDNA Five Cents or Marcel Jones; LHF Billhead


New Member
I like Bernini for a casual serif font and right now I'm into Cable Heavy for plain sans serif instead of always using Helvetica. Also use Best of Seven as I like the details. I go through font "moods".


New Member
Forgot to add that when I design, I like to use fonts that are hard to find or mix up letters from one font with another, clip out parts and add parts so that they don't look off the rack.

Jen Goodwin

New Member
I go through font moods too...especially on the one's that I am planning to buy - that changes all the time. But, still I find myself using the ones I posted for a lot of things...especially Palatino and Fenice. Fenice could possibly win my all time favorite font prize...possibly....for today anyway :Big Laugh


New Member
Don't hate me, but I am fond of Blacklight D for some reason.

Serif, I use IowanOldSt BlkBT quite often.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Serif - Adobe Utopia which has 4 weights with italics and small caps. Also like Souvenir, Novarese and Friz Quadrata.

Sans Serif - Frutiger, Eras, Optima and Serpentine Sans

Casual - Club Type Mercurious with 3 weights and italics

Script - House Signpainter Script, House Signpainter Casual, AS Snapper Script, Magneto Bold, Ruzicka Freehand

Display - AS Cricket, Bremen, AS Puff Daddy, Showcard Gothic


New Member
I use Castle too. Just different enough to make it a nice font. Hate Helvetica!!! Try not to use it unless I have to. I use Trekker every chance I get as I'm a geek.

Steve C.

New Member
You may laugh but I think the Futura family is one of the best font groups ever. My favorites change often, right now I'm into Liberty and Papyrus.

Most often used (other than the obvious).

Futura Med, DNA Magic, Eras, Swiss 911, Compacta, Lithograph.

Author Vanson has some very nice fonts available at Letterhead Fonts. Especialy the Opening Night, Cincinnatti and Wade Grotesque.


New Member
ooooo I love fonts!
Christmas script
especial kay
antique olive
and manymanymanymany more!!!


New Member
Here are the ones i use regularly for fast good looking layouts. If a customer gives me an ok to do an extensive desing i'll spend allot of time going through my fonts to pick out something specific.

Light Sans Serif - Univers 55 roman, Futura Medium
Bold Sans Serif - Univers 75 black, Micrograma, Futura bold
Serif - Palatino, Bodoni
Bold Serif - Garth Graphic, Plantin
Script - LHF Sarah Script, Vivaldi
Casual - Marking pen, Tekton

Upcoming font purchases will include: LHF Boston Truckstyle and Dan Antonelli's chisel font collection

I can never have enough fonts :thumb: