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When someone asks..."Is that the best price you can give me?"


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Just wondering how people handle the "Is that the best price you can give me?" line.
My ego wants to say yes, but I don't want to do work for someone who doesn't appreciate my skill and experience, so just throw my quote away and go elsewhere. Or - If you can get a better price, then go with it. But my wallet and professional business side wants to explain that based on materials, and time that the price I quoted should be a very competitive quote.
I would like to know what others have done.


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Just look them square in the face and say....... no, but if you're dumb enough to pay that, I'll gladly take it. Oh, did you want installation included in that ??

There are so many ways around that kinda comeback. Try using a 3 tier pricing schedule and you can back yourself out quite convincingly.


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It's really challenging to offer a single price point. You work yourself into a hole. I feel like it's pretty reasonable for a customer to ask if there is a better price available. They might be trying to get a few bucks off yes, but I feel like most of the time they are looking to see if there are other options.

For example, we offer 3 versions of the same general size of retractable banner stand.

We have a discount, but still decent economy banner stands for someone on a budget, a middle of the road option, and a retractable with a lifetime warranty for the road warriors that are really going to use their stand.

The ball is in the customer's court to pick which one they want. And if they want to pay less than that, we always have quantity discounts available.

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Unfortunately I get it a lot. I always start my pricing with premium materials and offer and economy price and explain the difference in the quality of materials and the expected longevity of each one. You never know the financial situation of the customer.
I know I have had to make that sacrifice the quality of items I purchased because that is the budget I could afford. I don't get insulted by it I just try and work with them.


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I don't get it all that often, mainly because I refer out those run down gas station or hotel customers now.

When I do get the question, I usually offer a cheaper product but tell them why I didn't recommend that one in the first place.


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Every now and then I still get it or hear "Can you sharpen your pencil?" I tell them my prices are just that, I dont play that game any longer however back in the day I did, aint gonna lie. I always try a 2 or 3 tier pricing to offer more choices and they still go out and buy coro from another sign guy


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I say yes, but offer options that could lower the price like reducing size, simplifying the design, etc.
Good answer Sign Student. I spent 35 (successful) years in print-related sales before a moment of insanity to try my hand in this business. Making an effort to discover a customer's needs and offering options to balance budget, messaging goals, service requirements etc. is sales 101 and will strengthen your long-term relationship. You are showing a willingness to respond and placing them in a position to prioritize among options that work for you as well.


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Unless someone is already requesting the least expensive material we offer, the answer is always "yes, but..." Even then it's "yes, but you have to order 100."

CanuckSigns is correct, the type of customer that wants to nickel and dime you to death is, in the end, unlikely to order from you anyway. If they're hung up on the price of the job instead of the other details, you probably don't want them as a customer anyway. That's a huge red flag.


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my answer is typically "Actually now that I think about it I'm kinda busy and I really won't be able to do this for you."

Anyone who asks if it is your best price is not a customer worth having.


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1. there are groups of people who come into my shop that i automatically add a bit, so when they no-undoubtedly ask for a discount, I can hem and haw and lower it to what I would normally charge.
2. I always can give a better price, but its not apples to apples.

When people keep pushing, I just remind them that I'm here to make money. If they can't afford my very reasonable priced services, I don't know how to help.


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Its a negotiating tactic. Nothing to take offence to. You should expect them to ask that question and already have an answer for it. If they don't ask it then hey bonus.


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It's a dentist office too. I want to ask if people ask them that when they pay their bills for dental work.
I like that suggestion. Thanks!

I had some work done at my dentist about a year and a half ago and before he started, he told me what he was gonna do and how much it would cost. I simply asked him...... is that the best price or do I have other options ?? He said, don't worry, we'll work something out. My initial quote was for $1,080. Ended up costing me $920.00. He didn't do anything different than what he first offered, except lowered my cost.

It never hurts to ask, whichever side of the fence you're on.​