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Where do you buy gerber foils at.


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I am searching the internet and it brings me to some sites but no one has any prices on there foils. Anyone have a good place they like to purchase the gerber edge foils from. Also how many feet are in a foil cartridge?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
We get both Gerber and Apex (which is a private label DuraCoat foil) from Advantage Sign Supply. Very happy with the DuraCoat/Apex foils.

Gerber comes in mostly 150' lengths. Duracoat/Apex comes in both 150' and 300' lengths and as both ready to use cartridges and as refills. I use a lot of 300' refills which is a great savings and also means half the roll ends to beware of. We average about 40% the cost of Gerber foils when we use Apex/Duracoat. It comes at a price, however. The Edge has a built in design flaw in color to color registration that is highly effected by how much foil remains in the cartridge. The bigger the difference, the bigger the error. It doesn't matter in most jobs ... but those that are very tightly registered can have X-axis errors of + or - .025".


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You don't say where on the planet you are but if you are in the northeast, Hyatts is a great place to buy foils as they offer free tech support for you Gerber equipment and software if you buy a certain amount durning a 3 month time period. They are very dependable too.


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Hyatts in Buffalo might serivce your area. The reason I recommend them is I've had such good service from them, orders always in on time, always the correct order and the tech service was very helpful when I upgraded to Omega.