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Which plotter is best.

Hello all,

I'll try to make this short. I am a signmaker on the side, my "real" job is as an engineering technician. My place of regular employment just purchased some expensive, delicate laser measuring devices that are packed into a rather large padded travel case. They wanted to identify this case so I, out the kindness of my heart, made a vinyl decal and stuck it on the box, nuthin' fancy. Some other people saw this decal and said "wow, that looks great, who made that?" Now, they see the potential for use in other areas for using a plotter and one of them is prototyping certain lables for die cut shapes importing from Autocad; I work in the printed label industry. OK, to get to the meat of this post: Who makes the best plotter? I have a 24" Lynx that I use for my own business from signwarehouse.com. I know a lot of people say thier service sucks and it probably does. This plotter has served me well and is fast enough for my purposes, all in all, I am happy it. But, for my place of employment, service and support is going to be a huge factor. Who has outstanding service and support of thier plotters. I am going to assume it is narrowed down to Gerber, Roland and maybe Graphtec. Are there others that I am missing here? Any input would be fantastic!



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Scott, I was just wondering if you know the Bertrands? They had a sign company in Kiwanee, seeing Algoma is not a very big city........LOL

Plotters... Graphtek, Mimaki, Roland, and a couple of others I cant think of right now.
Hey ChicagoGraphics,

Nope, don't know the Bertrand's. That is a fairly popular name around these parts though. But,then again, that is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy down in Kewaunee, 10 miles south of Algoma. I only know everybody in this town, LOL. Do you know a Joski from Kewaunee? I familiar with him, we actually work for the same place, you know, our "real" jobs. He is a very talented sign maker who actually still uses paint and makes some of the most beautiful signs I have ever seen!
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I've used Graphtec with no problems.

I've also had excellent support from SignWarehouse.

Make a list of the features you require, such as material to be cut, contour cut capability, max width, max thickness, daily useage, etc.

Then compare your feature requirements with the top vendor's specs.


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My vote is for Ioline! I bought my 24" Ioline Smarttrac 6 years ago and never (knocking on wood) have had a problem with that thing and it still gets used everyday for small and large jobs! If it breaks I'm going out to buy another one just like it!....I have hundreds of rolls worth thousands of 24" vinyl I can't let go to waste and they are easy to handle and easy to work with so I stick with what works! Geez, I almost have a hurnea trying to change a 54" roll on the Mimaki! haha


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Scott, If I'm not mistaken Joski bought Burt signs in Kewaunee, He'll I use to know lots of people in Algoma, who know I might know you If that where your from. Is Jag outdoor still operating? or did he booze himself out.. lol

Matt Cuellar

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Summa & Graphtec would be my choice...probably Summa a little over Graphtec due to their service & support. They're really an amazing company to deal with and their product is very well built and user-friendly!

Answers to all:

Yup, Jag is still here, but I think his forte' is large billboard type advertising. Don't know him personally.

Yes, I will be here for the "Walldog Wave". Funny story. One of the ladies that works at city hall who is is helping organize the event knows I do signage and lettering as a side job. She asked me if I was going to help out with the painting and I told her that I was not talented enough to do anything like that. I rely heavily on the computer for that. I heard through the grapevide, though, that she may have signed me up because she thinks I'm an "artist" and should help out because she is amazed that anybody can do that kind of thing. I think, I'm not sure though, that I might be helping the world famous Mike Meyer! Actually, I am kind of stoked about meetiing him. I am truely impressed by is craftsmanship and talant and if I can have just a speck of that rub off on me, great!


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Personally, I definately did NOT have good luck with Sign Warehouse (long story) but I can't speak bad about their cutters. They are quite durable, and at a very fair price.

If you're looking for a basic, durable cutter, I would say that they wouldn't be that bad of a choice. Fortunately with cutters, you don't have to really rely on anyone for tech support (if you know what I mean (LOL!). If you are looking to step it up a notch, and get what I feel is the best cutter on the market, buy a Summa T-Series. The quality and styling of this machine is amazing. Its TRUE Tangential feature allows it cut perfectly straight corners, instead of the the rounded one's left by drag knife cutters. Contrary to some rumor, their tech support was GREAT, and I personally enjoyed my experience with Summa more than that of Graphtec. Good luck. Either way, you'll get a great cutter! -Mac


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My Graphtec is over 10yrs old and I have had ZERO problems with it. I think if you stick with the reputable names you will be OK.