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Which Publications?


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SignCraft (#1 choice), SignBuilder, Digital Graphics, etc. Also depends, of course, on what your focus is...vinyl, digital, screenprinting, textiles, electrical, neon, etc., etc.


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You can also look into Sign Business and Signs of the Times. These as well as the others mentioned are all great depending on the type of shop you are. I know a lot of the publications are free if you follow the right channel. I would suggest checking the websites for each. Most of the publications are paid for by the advertising that is in them which makes it great for the rest of the industry.

www.stmediagroup.com Signs of the Times
www.signbuilderillustrated.com Sign Builder Illustrated
www.nbm.com Sign Business and Digital Graphics
www.signcraft.com Sign Craft

Feel free to let me know if you have trouble getting any of them. I would be happy to contact my rep at each if needed.
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Also, pick up a book called 'Mastering Layout' by Mike Stevens. That will do wonders for new and old.

Good Luck.


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Sign Craft
Sign Business
Signs of The Times
then chek out the Signs of The Times & Signcraft books