width & length reversed


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I just received my new graphtec 24" cutter & I have a problem, when i poll the cutter it sends back my width & length reversed ( it will say my width is 196" & my length is 13" (for a 15" roll)...when my width should be 13 & length 196...

Also in cutting master the panel shows where the design is laid out to cut following the red arrow, but when i send the job it tries to cut it following the blue arrow, so it cuts two letters & tells me off scale....

Any ideas??


On our Rolands in the menu you can swap axis, I am sure you are running into the same deal.


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how did you switch your axis? I have a similar problem. out of the blue, today the plotter thinks it's origin is on the left side of the plotter and to move the film forward, it actually needs to go backwards. Somehow the axes are reversed from normal and i can't find a way to fix it!


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Should be able to rotate your orientation(s) in flexi. Mine looks like a stick figure dude and I can spin him a whole 360°